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NFHS Approves the Q-Collar for Use During Play

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

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This is the Q-Collar. Neck collar tech is a relatively new in medical device that has only been around for the last 5 years or so. The mechanism of action is simple: restrict the venous blood return from vascular structures in the neck; more specifically it mildly impedes blood flow from the head that is returning to the heart.

The goal is just as simple: impeding the blood flow results in a higher blood volume in the brain. Since fluid is not compressible, the increased blood volume creates a cushion of sorts that is intended to help protect the brain from concussion. We will talk concussion later on, but for now in this article we will leave it at that. This particular collar is manufactured by Q30 Innovations. Click here to see the science behind it.

This devices has been cleared by the FDA to be placed on the market for consumer use for athletes 13 and over.

NFHS has approved the use of the Q-Collar for use by athletes as a medical device. How does this pertain to you? Because the Q-Collar is considered a "medical device," it is approved for wear without a waiver. You can check out this NFHS statement released 2009 (latest revision in 2019) regarding the use of medical devices titled "NFHS STATEMENT ON MEDICAL APPLIANCES AND/OR MEDICAL DEVICES."

You can read more about the FDA press release here.

Let them play! See you on the court,

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