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  • What is TASO and what does it do?
    TASO is the Texas Association of Sports Officials. It is the governing body for ALL UIL sanctioned sporting events in the state of Texas. It's SAVOA's... big brother...
  • What is SAVOA and what does it do?
    SAVOA stands for the San Antonio Volleyball Officials Association. SAVOA is sanctioned by TASO and is the governing body that all volleyball officials must belong to in order to officiate any school based athletic event. SAVOA is the central hub for supporting volleyball officials in and around the San Antonio area through training, testing, and evaluation.
  • How long is the volleyball season?
    The season runs from school start to about Thanksgiving. Post season play is at the end of the year. Pre-season takes place just before school starts, and summer league happens about June and/or July.
  • What are UIL and TAPPS and what do they do?
    UIL stands for University Interscholastic League and TAPPS stands for Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. Both organizations oversee competitive academic, athletic, fine arts, and music contests for schools (UIL for public schools, TAPPS for private schools). They aim to promote student excellence, leadership, and sportsmanship through fostering student development and competition in a structured environment.
  • How do I get paid?
    As an independent contractor, you are paid from the school that you officiate for. Most districts pay officials through their Arbiter account; some pay electronically. Match earnings are usually available to the official within 72 to 96 hours.
  • What is NFHS and what does it do?
    NFHS is the National Federation of State High School Associations... (yeah, us too)... It is the governing body for all rules, participation, and sportsmanship in education-based sporting activities. NFHS is the legislative branch of school-based sports in the United States.
  • How does paying taxes work as a referee?
    You are considered an independent contractor with respect to pay and taxes. There is no tax advice here, but there are lots of resources on taxes when it comes to referees. If you are a member, check out the resources page for some good information on taxes for referees.
  • What is the uniform?
    The TASO approved uniform consists of a WHITE TASO authorized polo, BLACK belt, BLACK slacks, BLACK socks, and BLACK court (sneaker-type) shoes. Grey shirts are an OPTION for wear if all officials assigned to a match wear matching colors.
  • What equipment will I need?
    You will need (at a minimum): -a BLACK whistle with a BLACK lanyard (or two) -saction cards (red and yellow) -net chain -a flip coin (a quarter or larger) Optional (but highly encouraged): -line judge flags (x2) -pressure gauge -ball pump
  • Does SAVOA provide equipment?
    Equipment is NOT provided by SAVOA.
  • Does SAVOA provide uniforms?
    Uniforms are NOT provided by SAVOA. A complete set (shirt, pants, shoes, socks) can cost anywhere from $60 to $200 depending on what you buy. The uniform shirt is provided by an approved vendors and will most likely be the costliest purchase you make.
  • What is the algorithm for assigning matches?
    Matches are assigned largely based on seniority and rating. Matches are sometimes assigned on a "whoever is available" basis based on needs, cancels, and other factors.
  • What days to matches take place?
    Matches take place almost every day of the weed depending on level of play (Varsity/Sub-Varsity, middle school...) and district. Most matches will take place in the evenings in the middle of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday).
  • What level of play does SAVOA serve?
    SAVOA officials are assigned to matches from 7th grade to Varsity level matches.
  • What are the main benchmarks for initially being eligible for match assignments as a new referee?
    You must be a member of TASO and SAVOA in good standing (all dues and fees paid), maintain proper uniform and equipment, pass the rules exam, and attend a rules clinic.
  • How are matches assigned?
    Matches are assigned through the Arbiter platform. After you are notified via text message, you must log into your Arbiter account and accept your assignments.
  • What happens if I don't accept my assignments?
    Well, one of the tenants of being an official is reliability. If you constantly decline assignments, efforts will be made to understand why (are you having trouble setting blocks? do you understand the Arbiter system? Unforeseeable events? etc). If the reason for you declining matches can be corrected then it will. But constantly declining matches when you are available will lead to fewer assignments.
  • How many games will I be able to officiate in a season?
    That all depends on your availability, ability, and comprehension/application of the tenants of being an official. The more time and work you put in, the more matches will be available for you to be assigned to.
  • Are dues mandatory?
    Yes. You have to belong to TASO in order to be a part of SAVOA. You have to be a part of SAVOA in order to be assigned to matches at schools in and around San Antonio.
  • How much are the dues and how often are they paid?
    Dues are currently $90 for the state association (TASO/new members) and $25 for the local association (SAVOA). Dues are paid yearly.
  • Who operates SAVOA?
    SAVOA is operated by a team of experienced volleyball referees and administrators. Our organization is run by a board of directors who are committed to promoting the highest standards of officiating in the sport of volleyball. SAVOA board members are elected by the SAVOA membership.
  • Is it mandatory to added the meetings?
    Yes. ALL SAVOA Chapter meetings are MANDATORY to attend. It is understood that you may have a scheduling conflict. Allowances are made with prior notice in writing. Attendance criteria must be met to qualify for playoff assignments.
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