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Welcome Aboard,
My name is Michael Davis. I serve as the webmaster for SAVOA (San Antonio Volleyball Officials Association). On behalf TASO and the the entire SAOVA Chapter, I extend my gratitude for your interest in becoming a volleyball referee. It would be an honor to welcome you to our team. High sports can’t do it without people like you.

SAVOA membership is comprised of a diverse group of individuals.  Our membership is made up of men and women of from many different backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies.  Experience ranges from a basic understanding of the game to multi-decade players, coaches, and parents of players.  Many of our referees cross over to officiate the other two rules codes in volleyball: USAV and NCAA.  There is several thousands of years of experience within our chapter, and we look forward to adding yours to the till; and past, present, and all your future years.

Hopefully, you have had a chance to navigate our website, below is a link to the SAVOA Welcome Packet.  Here is a breakdown of the basic steps you need to take:


  • Complete the registration as a member at (state membership) and click the VOLLEYBALL button (if you have not done so already)

    • Take note: being a member of TASO does not grant you membership to a volleyball certification... you have to pay the dues to TASO for every specific sport you officiate)​

  • Complete the SAVOA 2024 Season Application

  • Download the SAVOA Welcome Packet for some useful information

  • Return the application to Jeannie Thames, 13147 Feather Point, San Antonio, TX 78233

  • Send payment with application or use CashApp: $SAVOA


There is an initial investment (time and financial) required before stepping onto the court: uniform, equipment, required tests, required training. You will have the opportunity to purchase some of these items before the season begins. Rest assured, you will be adequately prepared before you step onto the court.  Personally, I maintain a ref kit that contains all my game-time essentials such as whistles, lineup cards, sanction cards, and other necessary items.


Attendance at a clinic for new officials and a "ratings session" (completed during scrimmages) before the season starts is mandatory. Additionally, you will need to take and pass an online rules exam. The exam is open-book, not timed, and allows for multiple attempts.


If this seems overwhelming initially, I can assure you that when I joined, it felt like drinking from a fire hose, but I will personally see to it that you have as smooth a transition as possible. Our board members, e-board, or any current member can address most of your questions. However, we also have rank representatives designated for specific seniority years in the chapter.


Once you start your application with TASO you will have to wait until clearing the background check (completed by TASO as part of your dues and fees), then you will become a TASO member. However, your onboarding is not complete. Simultaneously, submit your application for membership to SAVOA (use the link above to get to the application). Your completed application can be sent to Jeannie Thames, and direct any financial transactions to Jeannie as well. If using CashApp, ensure to include your name and email address in the memo line.


Once these steps are accomplished, you can start PREPARING for the season. You will receive a current year rules book at the first meeting along with an ID badge and some other information. The first meeting includes a chapter meeting followed by a rules clinic which will satisfy your clinic attendance criteria. Alternate options are available if attendance is challenging.


Once you have completed your application with SAVOA I can register you on the website as a member.  You will have access to additional information and resources through our website.


Should you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs page or feel free to contact me via email or text. I am always willing to assist.


Thank you for considering joining our team of volleyball officials. I look forward to the prospect of working together.


Michael Davis​
Webmaster, SAVOA

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